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Unlock Your Mind Through Music

A New Kind of Therapy

Nathalie Henrich has been sharing this unique practice with the people of South Florida since 2015 but now we are happy to announce that it will now be offered at the conservatory. In a combination of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and healing sound frequencies, this one of a kind program is designed to kindle the relationship between your body and psyche.




Meet your instructor:

Nathalie Henrich is a trained healer in the arts of sound therapy, chromotherapy, and energy healing, with a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Growing up in Germany, she began her musical education at age six with piano lessons, continuing her studies later in life with the flute, guitar, clarinet, and saxophone.

Nathalie began her extensive training as a Sound healer in 2008. She learned how to use chanting, toning or vibration from instruments or voice to balance body and mind. 

Her Miami/Broward practices were established in 2015, where she offers a variety of courses. Nathalie's strong belief in the effects of sound and movement have made her a knowledgeable figure in the soundhealing community.

What is Sound Healing?

"Sound is the spiritual energy that drives our consciousness and provides the strength to hold our genetic structure in balance. Several varieties of healing through sound including music, toning, chanting, instruments, and prayer are used as a means to reconnect the mind with our body" 

-Nathalie Henrich


Each soundhealing session begins with the participants engaging in an exercise to clear their minds and put them in a receptive headspace, after which they are exposed to melodies from the flute, hand drum, and Tibetian singing bowls.


The bowls, which have been used for centuries in traditional healing practices, are tuned to the frequency of 432 Hertz. A frequency commonly referred to as the "healing frequency," many examples of this tone can be found occurring in nature and the human body.


By activating these frequencies, our brains enter a state of relaxation which can incur a variety of benefits both physically and mentally. Nathalie's soothing voice and calm demeanor helps guide 

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Through its many healing attributes, this unique practice can help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Help with ADD/ADHD

  • Strengthen loose joints

  • Foster social and language skills

  • Increase attention/focus​

  • Loosen tight limbs

  • Build self-esteem


Potential students are asked to bring their own personal:

  • Blanket

  • Pillow

  • Yoga Mat

As the meditation is very physical and often require you to lie flat on your back, these items help ensure your comfort throughout the full duration of this sound journey 

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Registration Now Open


Each session takes place over the course of one hour and will be offered twice a month at the conservatory. In addition to our bi-weekly healing sessions, the conservatory will also hold special exercises during celestial events, such as a full moon meditation and midnight mindfulness.

Single Session

General Public: $39
Current Students: $35

Call or email us now to reserve your spot

(954) 842-2652